I understand its a digression from this magazine's main category, but I have come to know about a website, that might be useful to you and I'd like to share some details regarding this with our readers.

PayPerPost, A website focused on advertise through blogging, is a decent way to earn money. You get started with a $ 20(generous, huh!) on your first post and the best part is you get to decide which advertisements/assignments/blogs to work on.

I am yet to be active on the website, so it would not be possible to provide a feedback, but the website looked pretty genuine and you can even find its promotional videos by users on youtube.

As much as I would like this post not to sound like an ad, I will perhaps not be able to do so. Reason, I am excited!! :D PPP acknowledges their bloggers as Posties and This months highest earnings are $2350+

For more details, have a look at PayPerPost's Website

PS - It surely must be a good way of advertising