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The much awaited Gmail update is finally out (to selected IE 7.0 and Firefox 2 users yet). After a 43 months long beta-testing, Google has launched v2.0 (Ironically enough, v1.0 was never launched!)

Gmail 2.0 would allow users to use the Back Button in browser so that users can bookmark the pages at different sections finally, Thanks to new JavaScript code update. Gmail new version also prefetches all the mails that amounts in less loading time of the messages, especially if its a conversation. (Though people are observing a higher loading time for the inbox and folders that have many messages)

Gmail 2.0 also integrates Picasa Web Album in its interface. Oddly enough though, the Photo picker does not open in the same window, rather opens in a new one. Photo picker is expected to use the available in Google Maps and Google Shared Stuff. Have a look at the new application.

The most significant update in UI is the updated Contact manager (A step forward to become Social Gmail !?). The new contact manager has inline search, making and maintaining a group You can also export the contacts in vCard format, export the contacts from a group and print your address book so you can use it offline. If you want to see the new contact manager and you don't have the new version of Gmail, it can be found here, as its a separate application (but opens in the same Gmail window, unlike the Photo picker)

There is also a new Option button in Gmail Chat Interface. It lets user choose Gtalk photo from user's Picasa web account. Also there are different options for selecting the chat-list size. The hoverover menu has also changed for better User experience.

In all, Google has made significant changes in its Newer version of Gmail, but its too early to comment on its performance.

PS - I just had a exception with my Gmail 2.0, when the Internet connection was lost, and Gmail was loading someting!


Are you Game?

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I was planning to write a more technical article today, but I stumbled upon an online gaming website, I was pleasantly surprised that they have prepared embed code for their games , to be used by other bloggers/websites. I am embedding one of the games, Hope you'll enjoy it!

Its a game of Cricket. You need to position your bat with your mouse and hit the ball with a left click. Hit 3 consecutive 4s and you will be a super-hitter. If you play too good, the opponent team might try to kick you. Keep tapping space bar quickly in that case.

May the best team win! (Thats you, of course)


I understand its a digression from this magazine's main category, but I have come to know about a website, that might be useful to you and I'd like to share some details regarding this with our readers.

PayPerPost, A website focused on advertise through blogging, is a decent way to earn money. You get started with a $ 20(generous, huh!) on your first post and the best part is you get to decide which advertisements/assignments/blogs to work on.

I am yet to be active on the website, so it would not be possible to provide a feedback, but the website looked pretty genuine and you can even find its promotional videos by users on youtube.

As much as I would like this post not to sound like an ad, I will perhaps not be able to do so. Reason, I am excited!! :D PPP acknowledges their bloggers as Posties and This months highest earnings are $2350+

For more details, have a look at PayPerPost's Website

PS - It surely must be a good way of advertising


Continuing from the Part one, where we reviewed Slideshare, we have saved even a better product for you in the Second part. Its Animoto - A auto video generation website, that allows user to choose images and music of his/her choice and create a video.

Animoto uses a patent pending Cinematic Artificial Intelligence ™ technology, that thinks like an actual director and editor. It analyzes and combines user-selected images and music with the same sophisticated post-production skills & techniques that are used in television and film, besides high motion designs ensuring no two videos are same ever (Even when identical images, music and order is used). Have a look on the sample video.

The main page starts with a demo and the user feels comfortable with the new product, thanks to some thought put by the creators for user experience. Creating a video is rather straight forward.

- Choose a video type. You can have a 30 sec short video (free version - for 10 to 12 images (approx.)) or a bigger Full length video (Paid version - unlimited number of images and music upto 10 MB).

- Upload the image(s), either from your computer or retrieve them using one of the sharing website (Flickr, Facebook, Smugmug, Picase and photobucket are supported by Animoto)

- Upload the music, from your computer or from Animoto's collection. (Yes, they have a decent collection of music in 3 different genre - Indie Rock, Electronica and Hip Hop and you can obviously hear the sample before selecting it)

- Provide some information about the Video, such as Name and description (for end-of-video credits) . If you think you need to make some changes, in the process, you can always go back. (before creating the video that is).

Click the Create Video button, sit back and relax. Watch your video being created or wander to some distractions provided in terms of youtube videos. Watching these videos do not interrupt (or even affect, I suppose) the video creation process.

Wait a couple of minutes and Voila!! your own, brand new, unique video is ready. you will be intimated about this on your email too, so you need not keep waiting on the website for long.

The feature that strike me the most is the simplicity of the process . Video creation is a breeze and extremely easy. User interface is pretty decent too.

The 3 month old website (well, 2.5 to be more precise) is doing pretty good with the video creations, but the speed of video is not very fast. Also more added features are welcome too. Sadly, I dint get the embed code for the sample video for my free account (or may be I simply missed where it was(!?))

The Tech Mag Rating - 7.0/10

PS - The company intent to acquire Google next year!

Edit - Thanks to Nate for providing the embed code of the sample video.

Disclaimer -
The Tech Mag and the author are not affiliated with either the product being showcased or the company. The Tech Mag and the author do not claim authority or ownership to any Videos/Slides/Photos/MP3 or data in other format, not hosted on The Tech Mag or the Associate Websites.


I came across two superb web 2.0 products. So I decided to feature them. This will be a 2 parter (or more, if I get to know more cool products soon).

First of the two, about which I am going to write today (and the next even cooler product will be showcased tomorrow, so keep reading ;)), is Slideshare.

When every type data is being shared on the web, why not presentation slides? So here it is.... Brainchild of few really smart people (I had the privilege to talk to one of them), its is a innovative product by Uzanto Consulting, a Delhi/San Fransisco based Web product startup. Here is a sample Slideshare slide.

Talking about the Slideshare, this cool product is in budding stage with lots of potential to bloom. They have worked some really innovative stuff on user-experience, for example, you can upload your slides by email and dont have to care about logging in. Its comes really handy, especially if you are on a move.

The second thing that appealed to me was Slidecast, a new innovative experiment to mix Slides with MP3 audio. Its a really good idea considering the fact that audio assists slides in most of the presentations. So may be next time, you might find your Professor's latest lecture's slides on the web WITH audio too!! (Wont that make a perfect tutorial!!)

Slideshare has already got its wordpress plugin issued and you can easily embed the slide in your website/blog (You must have noticed a sample Slide in this post!). Slideshare has launched its own developers' API and you can make some really cool apps using this API (am I using the term 'cool' a bit too much? Let me know!!)

Also, you can make presentation from your .PDF files also apart from the usual .PPS/.PPT/.ODP/Keynote files. (Now, isn't that innovating!!)

Now, coming to the not-so-good-aspects of Slideshare. The first thing that I really found missing was lack of navigation using Keyboard (Yes, you HAVE to use mouse clicks, each and every time). This come as a big point because its a step down from a normal power point because we have been used to navigating form keyboards (also, mouse clicks are not the most convenient, especially while giving a presentation)

The other missing thing were - No Animation/Sounds. Yes, Slideshare do not keep your animations and sounds of the slides yet. (I believe, its going to be changed in a few weeks time). But for now, you will have to keep yourself satisfied with plain, silent slides.

Overall, A cool useful product. It has the potential to grow very big (under the supervision of some smart founders).

The Tech Mag Rating - 7.5/10 (As per current status of the product, as features are being added really fast, the rating might change after few days)

Disclaimer - The Tech Mag and the author are not affiliated with either the product being showcased or the company. The Tech Mag and the author do not claim authority or ownership to any Videos/Slides/Photos/MP3 or data in other format, not hosted on The Tech Mag or the Associate Websites.


Here is a youtube video showcasing the splendid surface technology.

Surface Technology allows multi-touch detection, that is, the device will be able to sense all the touch on the surface and act accordingly.

We dont wanna giveaway in the writing. Enjoy the video... :)



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Hi All,
Before we start this blog-magazine, let us tell you about its purpose.
We intent to post a geeky/funny/tech related post per day. (Remember, its just a start!)

Hoping for good response.

Take Care

Edit: Dont expect it to be a boring tutorial magazine (believe us, We are not the boring type :D)

You can always expect some real cool stuff (We LOVE games!!!)