I came across two superb web 2.0 products. So I decided to feature them. This will be a 2 parter (or more, if I get to know more cool products soon).

First of the two, about which I am going to write today (and the next even cooler product will be showcased tomorrow, so keep reading ;)), is Slideshare.

When every type data is being shared on the web, why not presentation slides? So here it is.... Brainchild of few really smart people (I had the privilege to talk to one of them), its is a innovative product by Uzanto Consulting, a Delhi/San Fransisco based Web product startup. Here is a sample Slideshare slide.

Talking about the Slideshare, this cool product is in budding stage with lots of potential to bloom. They have worked some really innovative stuff on user-experience, for example, you can upload your slides by email and dont have to care about logging in. Its comes really handy, especially if you are on a move.

The second thing that appealed to me was Slidecast, a new innovative experiment to mix Slides with MP3 audio. Its a really good idea considering the fact that audio assists slides in most of the presentations. So may be next time, you might find your Professor's latest lecture's slides on the web WITH audio too!! (Wont that make a perfect tutorial!!)

Slideshare has already got its wordpress plugin issued and you can easily embed the slide in your website/blog (You must have noticed a sample Slide in this post!). Slideshare has launched its own developers' API and you can make some really cool apps using this API (am I using the term 'cool' a bit too much? Let me know!!)

Also, you can make presentation from your .PDF files also apart from the usual .PPS/.PPT/.ODP/Keynote files. (Now, isn't that innovating!!)

Now, coming to the not-so-good-aspects of Slideshare. The first thing that I really found missing was lack of navigation using Keyboard (Yes, you HAVE to use mouse clicks, each and every time). This come as a big point because its a step down from a normal power point because we have been used to navigating form keyboards (also, mouse clicks are not the most convenient, especially while giving a presentation)

The other missing thing were - No Animation/Sounds. Yes, Slideshare do not keep your animations and sounds of the slides yet. (I believe, its going to be changed in a few weeks time). But for now, you will have to keep yourself satisfied with plain, silent slides.

Overall, A cool useful product. It has the potential to grow very big (under the supervision of some smart founders).

The Tech Mag Rating - 7.5/10 (As per current status of the product, as features are being added really fast, the rating might change after few days)

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